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An Ode to an Entrepreneur

When I was a boy I was the cute little guy that other kids picked on. My big brother is seven years older and he was never around to watch after me. Bullying came naturally to the other kids in the neighborhood and I was a victim. I never liked grammar school or high school because of all the bullying, but I enjoyed college because I liked to think and the bullies were gone.

Later in my career I became reacquainted with bullying. Some of the places I worked did not care about what I thought, but simply wanted me to become a robot. This experience drove me to entrepreneurship because I wanted to think on my own instead of having the frontal lobotomy. I like to achieve, but I am not satisfied when someone else receives the praises for my accomplishments. I like to lead and entrepreneurship sets me free.

I love to learn and hate the boredom of repetition. I prefer to explore instead of relying on rote memory. I want to make conditions better rather than relying on the tried-and-true. Nothing is perfect as perfection is a vision not a static condition, and moving toward perfection means failing several times to find a better solution. I learn from the school of hard knocks.

I see a path to educate entrepreneurs that does not break them to get what they need. I want to remove the bureaucracy at the top and start in the trenches. Those who offer the most benefit to entrepreneurs are not the administrators, but the educators. Entrepreneurs by nature are uncomfortable with bureaucracy and need educators to jump into the trenches with them.

What I want is to improve conditions for others entrepreneurs and help them succeed. Entrepreneurship has not earned the attention it deserves and the time has come to understand its value to economic growth and job creation. I want to collaborate with others to realize my dream. Small business and entrepreneurship will rise again and hopefully will set you free!

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