Entrepreneurial motivation: Do you like to think?

One reason I enjoy entrepreneurship is because I like to think for myself. I found early in my career that working for someone else limits the opportunity to think for yourself. Often people go to work for a company and the company controls their thinking to align with key executives.

I come from a family in which a good argument is a part of home life. Whenever my family would get together, a heated debate always happened. Family members and friends constantly challenged one another. Nothing bothers me more than when others believe they have to impose their will and think for someone else.

For example, recently I came across an article about how a Texas school board wanted to change text books to erase certain parts of history to support its conservative views. I find this appalling because I believe people are smart enough to make their own interpretations about history. What gives any group the right to stack the deck against any other group? Is this what a free society is all about?

Entrepreneurship is an outlet that allows me to express my views from my interpretation about conditions in the world. Entrepreneurship allows me to interpret people’s needs and gaps in the market otherwise not exposed by conventional wisdom. Entrepreneurship allows me to follow my own direction and follow opportunities I see. My success or failure depends on the direction I take not on what someone else tells me I should take. Following my own path, allows me to express my creativity and “think outside the box.” Entrepreneurship demands I hold myself accountable because no one else is to blame.

Imagine a world without entrepreneurship where everyone thinks the same. In my view, without entrepreneurship, the world is a boring place lacking innovation and exciting new pathways. Such an environment destroys small business, displaces workers, and eventually results in no new growth. No one exists to represent social interests of consumers and society at large. Society distributes the wealth only to the elite and everyone else becomes their servant. Freedom of speech disappears and only the wealthy have a voice.

Does this environment sound like a society you would want to live in? I am interested in hearing what you think. How do you view the ability to think for yourself?

I don’t know about you, but I value the ability to think more than almost anything. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose this freedom. Do you want to learn more?

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