Developing Productive Employees for Your Business: Do You Believe in Second Chances?

One of the hardest challenges for a small business is finding the right employees, but I believe  finding the right employees runs a little deeper than just locating them. People are people and no one is perfect. I believe finding the right employees includes developing and molding them into the employees you want to represent your business.

I remember a situation from early in my career. I had an employee who I liked very much as a person, but ran into some hard times and got involved with the wrong people in her personal life. I found it sad that someone had taken advantage of her and that she let it affect her work performance.  At the time, I saw few alternatives aside from letting her go. I did not relish this task and today I might not go quite as far as letting her go if I had it to do over again. This woman took losing her job personally at first, but with time realized her experience losing her job helped her become strong and overcome her personal problems.

About a year later, this woman came back to me and I rehired her. She quickly became one of my best employees and thanked me for having the courage to deal with her as I did. Still, I am not convinced I did the right thing. The quality she showed me is her genuineness about overcoming her situation and wanting to do well in her job.

The danger I ran in to letting this employee go is finding and replacing her with someone else who could perform the job at least as well as she did. Although I believe much good competition exists in the job market, there is something to be said for a person’s role in developing people. People you develop are more in tune with your goals and expectations than someone from the outside who you have had no hand in developing. How many times do you hire what you believe is an extremely talented person only to see that person leave for a better offer elsewhere?

The moral of the story is I believe developing employees by giving second chances is far better than looking for superior skills. I value people first and value them as my most important asset. Do you want employees to align with the goals for your business or do you prefer hiring strictly on the basis of the best talent? How important is it to find people who can align with the vision you have for them and your company? Please let me know your thoughts by responding to this post. Please visit us by clicking here.

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