Small Business Entrepreneurship: The Place to Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders

Yesterday I was reading a blog post that said something to the effect the days of true leadership are gone. I was thinking I don’t believe that for a moment. We live in trying times, but there’s no reason we can’t have that good leadership. Although we see politicians taking one side or the other and polarizing people, I see no reason good leadership can’t prevail elsewhere.

I think the place leaders can make a big difference today is in entrepreneurship. I feel this way because I see a void left by big companies whose goal it is only to win. So what can I do about this state of affairs? I can brush it off like many people do or I can help entrepreneurs develop leadership skills so the next generation cares about the world around them and for the people who live in it. So why can’t these people become leaders to make the world a better place?

I get the feeling sometimes when people take a job their companies say, “leave your brains at the door. Here, we are going to do it our way.” I say here is where the politics begin. Working towards a mission takes a strong character to not get involved in politics and instead do what’s best for society and customers. This is the opportunity for leaders to show their stuff.

I would like nothing more than see the next generation of companies personify true leadership that cares. I want to bring these days of win-lose two an end. Entrepreneurship is the perfect place for leaders to develop as they grow their companies and build on new ideas. Entrepreneurs are much closer to the people and society because they have to be. Someday these companies will be the big companies of tomorrow, and I hope they will be better prepared to lead then what we have today.

My goal is to build leadership skills, while helping small business entrepreneurs develop business skills to grow their businesses. I want to turn things upside down and work from the bottom up so entrepreneurs don’t get the same skills they have today. I see a better way! Learn more.

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