Small Business Entrepreneurs: Leaders or Managers

I see some of the events going on in the business world today that make me wonder where the leadership is. I believe many so-called “leaders” in big companies are nothing more than managers. What training do they have in leadership or did they just reach their position by using excellent managerial skills? What do these people feel for their employees and for society?

A good example is in the political setting today. I wonder what planet some of these people came from. Some of them use the term leader so loosely it makes me sick to listen to them. I hear too much “my way or the highway” in the political world polarizing the electorate so politicians get nothing productive done. I ask, “How is this leadership?” Leaders collaborate and work well in teams. Do we even have a team working to solve problems in government anymore? Everything I see is a stalemate of polarized views. A leader is not a divider, but a person who unifies an organization to achieve a common goal.

A leader has a vision and uses it to attract followers. A manager simply commands attention by using management tactics to take advantage of others for self-motivated reasons. Often business plans sit on a shelf collecting dust. A leader works his or her plan, but stays nimble in its execution. A leader has a connection with followers by listening and using emotion to win followers over. A manager simply commands people the only way to do something is his or her way.

Managers are many times smart people and know precise skills, but a leader knows how to connect with others and change the way they think. A leader is flexible and wants to know what others think. A manager has a superiority complex because the skills he or she has makes him or her feel superior to others. A leader finds value in finding the right people to learn from instead of relying on his or her own skills.

I see more opportunities for people wanting to become small business entrepreneurs to use leadership. Right now the world needs more leadership and I encourage people with a good idea to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit. A person must have leadership skills to become a successful entrepreneur as a good manager will just not cut it. Casualties are too high for new start-ups so people with an idea and leadership skill have a calling waiting for them as a small business entrepreneur.

Do you have what it takes to start a business? Start by considering your leadership skills. Learn more.

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