Small Business: Take the Opportunity to Succeed

Small business entrepreneurs can improve the likelihood of succeeding through experience and education. Many universities have programs for small business and some have entrepreneurship programs. Most of these programs cater to traditional students and are part of a traditional setting. Ask yourself if this sounds like the type of setting that allows you to pursue opportunities or does it stymie your efforts to build the business you are passionate about.

A small business entrepreneur learns more efficiently and effectively on the job, while pursuing his or her passion. Entrepreneurs do their best work trying new things and learning from what they try. A business school can talk about experimenting with ideas, but the ideas get lost or someone else pursues them before the student has an opportunity to act on them.

Entrepreneurs have more likelihood of succeeding by developing a network of experts they can rely on for areas outside their expertise. Ask yourself how an entrepreneur can network in a traditional college setting and find the needed experts he or she can rely on. The best way to find the needed expertise is to experience building business relationships on the job.

The small business owner wears many hats and can easily spread him or herself too thin. What is the best use of your time? What can you farm out to someone in your network so you can continue working on what is most important in developing opportunities?

Do you have a guide at your side? Do you have a coach and a mentor you can rely on? What do you want to get off your shoulders? Contact for a free consultation.

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