Financing a Small Business

Often people who want to start a small business immediately think of going to the bank for a loan. Unfortunately, the bank is not the best place to start. A business founder should consider informal financing sources and trade credit first. Studies have shown that informal financing improves a firms efficiency and performance because it improves return on assets. Informal sources of finance and trade credit can relieve cash flow anxiety and improve a private firm’s ability to reinvest net income (Su & Sun, 2011).

Bank financing increases cash flow tensions and takes the focus off growth and achieving efficiency. New firms also find less access to more formal sources of financing such as angel investors and venture capitalists. Su and Sun (2011) explained “informal financing and trade credit are the life-blood of private firms” (p. 398). In countries like China interest rates on informal sources of finance are not subject to regulation, and financing is not rationed by imposing higher interest rates. More relaxed relationships with informal lenders promotes competitive advantage.

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Su, J., & Sun, Y. (2011). Informal finance, trade credit and private firm performance. Nankai Business Review International, 2(4), 383-400. doi: 10.1108/20408741111178816

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