Networking for Success: I Am Going to Turn the World Upside Down!

One of the first things an entrepreneur needs is a good elevator pitch. An elevator pitch helps collaborate with others and build relationships. The ultimate goal is to create a competitive advantage through developing a network or resources to draw upon. The entrepreneur should clearly and concisely say who he or she is, describe the salient details of his or her business, and breed excitement about his or her ideas (Friar & Eddleston, 2007). The entrepreneur should say how he or she will turn the world upside down and do this in the time it takes to ride an elevator! A good elevator pitch is contagious and attracts others.

An effective elevator pitch is simple and easy to understand focusing on the entrepreneur’s strategy. The idea is for the entrepreneur to show passion and engage his or her audience. The author considers his or strategy, culture, people, and practices spawning organic growth (Hess, 2007).

Self-confidence is critical to show the entrepreneur has the drive to succeed (Florin, Karri, & Rossiter, 2007). The elevator pitch should exude self-confidence. The audience wants to see the entrepreneur has the drive to overcome obstacles. The way to become a success is to associate with other successful people.

Have you worked on your elevator pitch? Let us know what you came up with. Click here!


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