The Name of the Game: Learning and Leading Change

Entrepreneurs must lead change because the work setting changes rapidly where failure is the ordinary course of business. An entrepreneur that cannot lead change likely will end up a casualty and see his or her business fail. Entrepreneurs learn from their experience and failures. A person wishing to create must deal with frequent failure and adjust to the changing environment (Pitts, 2008). Passion to solve problems drives the entrepreneur and inspires others to work toward solutions. Entrepreneurs learn from small failures and succeed by leading change to enable the firm to adapt to what it learns.

An entrepreneur must enjoy learning to succeed because learning is what helps find the solutions to problems. The entrepreneur must transform his or her vision through leading the necessary changes to find the right solutions. Enthusiasm for working toward this goal is imperative and helps lead others working in the organization.

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Pitts, G. (2008). Life as an entrepreneur: Leadership and learning. Development and Learning in Organizations, 22(30), 16-17. doi: 10.1108/14777280810861776

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