More on the Success of Chinese Entrepreneurs

No doubt the Chinese’s success in entrepreneurship has fueled the growth of its economic system. A recent article explains how Chinese students learned through the Timmons model by creating student free enterprise  teams to learn about and build skills in leadership, creative development of resources through business networks, and balancing the acquisition of resources to develop opportunities (Fan-qi, Xiang-zhi, & Li, 2011). Education plays a key role in entrepreneurial development and helps entrepreneurs achieve success.

However, this study shows entrepreneurial education is both similar and different from traditional educational programs. Traditional educational programs rely less on teams and building business networks. Traditional programs may overly focus on planning or not enough on interpersonal and social relationships. Moreover, traditional programs do little to focus on overcoming uncertainties by creative development of supporting resources.

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Fan-qi, Z., Xiang-zhi, B.,  & Li, S. (2011). Study on entrepreneurial process model for SIFE student team based on Timmons model. Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship, 3(3), 204-214. doi: 10.1108/17561391111166984



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