The DNA of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have the DNA to experiment and, in the process, innovate new ideas. The conditions are right for entrepreneurs to do experiment because their survival depends on it.  Stop trying new things and the business will fail. The entrepreneur DNA must cope with failure, but move on to the next trial and try again to succeed. Large companies most people go to work for do not have the word failure in their vocabulary. The boss tells them what they must do and they do it. If these people do what the boss says this makes them a success, but is it really?

If accomplishing what a boss tells a person is success and that person wants to hear this repeatedly he or she should go to work for a big company. On the other hand, if a person wants to learn from his or her failures to create something new and exciting that person has the DNA of an entrepreneur. A good entrepreneur looks at failure as another step toward success.

Yes, I am sure everyone has heard this saying before, but it is true. A good entrepreneur does not settle for the small achievements the boss tells a person he or she has made. The entrepreneur wants more and realizes it takes more to create truly good achievements.

Do you want the pat on the back from your boss or do want to make truly great achievement?

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